I’m feeling thankful

We just got home from our fundraising dinner at Jason’s Deli and I’m so encouraged!

So many cool things happened in just the bit over 2 hours we were there. Seeing the first family coming up with a flyer in hand, the dad bringing 3 kids to dinner to support us was awesome. They were followed by more friends and seeing Joanna greet each one with an excited squeal and hug was heart-warming. Getting a few minutes to chat with friends we haven’t spent much time with recently was such a blessing. Seeing college students (one visiting from out of town) take time out of their spring break time to come eat with us and support our project was a great encouragement.

Though tonight was planned as a way to help us reach our fundraising goal it did much more than that. Eating together reminded me how important community is, how taking time to arrange a get-together is so worth it. Seeing people who love sharing God’s Word come eat out because we asked them to was a great reminder that just showing up is valuable, and taking time to ask others to help is needed and beneficial.

There were close to 40 of us there tonight just while I was there. I love that part of our 2017 Let’s Start Talking project includes this 2 hours of dinner with friends. Getting to visit with each other and see the others connect because of this work was wonderful. I’m inspired to get together more often with friends as a result, and I’m thankful for the role each person present tonight has played in blessing us with their friendship and their contribution to this project.

Thank you.


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