I know you’ve all been waiting to hear how our fundraiser night at Jason’s Deli went, right? As I already mentioned it was a fun night and a great blessing to see so many friends join us. We are so thankful for everyone that came out and supported us. Their contribution has been received by LST $58.22 has been added towards our fundraising commitment.

$4,398.78 is what remains to be raised. We are grateful for each person who has given already, thank you!!! As June is drawing nearer it’s time for us to get a bit more focused about asking others to join in this adventure. We know that there are people who have been waiting to be asked to participate in a good work. We know that there are people who are ready and willing to pray with us and give with us to make this project happen.

So, can you join us? Can you help us finish up the fundraising by asking a friend to give? Maybe they can give $20, or $50, or $200. Who knows? I do know that it usually takes asking before the giving happens.

It’s still a bit hard to believe how easy it is to give online. Things have sure changed since my first project back in 1996! I think it was all checks then, I don’t remember even writing in a debit/credit card being an option. Now so many of us would rather do it online, where we can click and be done without even getting out a pen and stamp.


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