Getting visa paperwork together

I’m so glad that the LST office is handling getting our visas for us! Our part of getting it is enough of an exercise in attention to detail that I’m glad someone else is really handling most of it.

It’s taking us trips to 2 different notaries to get it all ready to send. Because, as you may guess, they work the same time Morgan does. So, while it totally worked for me to swing by our awesome bank and sit there while the friendly employee stamped page after page, it’s a bit trickier for him. In the end we’ll end up with 7 notarized pieces of paper. Yes, seven! 5 of those are for Joanna’s visa, Morgan and I each only need 1 page notarized. Crazy, huh?

And, before getting all those pages notarized we had to print them out or copy something that then got notarized.

So, our next step is to get Morgan’s pages notarized and then double-check we have all the right copies and put them together with a photo for each of us (yay discounted passport photos from AAA) and our actual passports and send them by fast, traceable post service of some sort to LST. Then they’ll get them all to wherever they need to go to get the actual visa.


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