THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our fundraiser at Chick-fil-A.

We had 20 receipts turned in last Thursday night. With the storms happening and predicted to continue it was really slow in the restaurant. I’ve never seen it so quiet in there at a meal time. So we weren’t expecting to end up with much out of it. It seemed like an unfortunate case of bad timing and Oklahoma spring weather.

But, there was some good news for us as a result of the weather. Here it is: we were given 18 bags of cookies to sell that night. That ended up being a huge blessing to our efforts. Joanna and I had a great time seeing everyone who “ordered” them and we received much more than the $6/bag that we were asking. And, then again this week we were given 10 bags to “sell”.

The 3 activities together resulted in $273.21! What a great contribution towards our goal. Thank you everyone who participated in this in some way. It’s been great to share with you about what we’ll be doing in Natal and it’s great to have such a large group of people participating with us in this way.


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